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The united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland

рефераты, история и социология

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Introduction 3
1 The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northe
Ireland 6
1.1 Geography 6
1.2 Landscape 8
1.2.1 Highland Britain 10
1.2.2 Lowland Britain 12
1.3 Climate 13
2 Historical and Geographical Regions of the United Kingdom 15
2.1 England 15
2.1.1 The Southwest of England 15
2.1.2 The Southeast 16
2.1.3 The South Central 17
2.1.4 London 18
2.1.5 . East Anglia 19
2.1.6 West Midlands 20
2.1.7 East Midlands 21
2.1.8 The Northwest 22
2.1.9 The Northeast (Yorkshire) 23
2.1.10 The North 24
Conclusion 26
Literary sources 29
Great Britain is the largest island of the British Isles. It lies to the northwest of Continental Europe, with Ireland to the west, and makes up the larger part of the
territory of the United Kingdom. It is surrounded by 1000 smaller islands and islets. It occupies an area of 209,331 km? (80,823 square miles).
It is the third most populous island after Java and Honshu.
Great Britain stretches over about ten degrees of latitude on its longer, north–south axis. Geographically, the island is marked by low, rolling countryside in the
east and south, while hills and mountains predominate in the weste
and northe
The English Channel is of geologically recent origins, having been dry land for most of the Pleistocene period. It is thought to have been created between
450,000 and 180,000 years ago by two catastrophic glacial lake outburst floods caused by the breaching of the Weald-Artois Anticline, a ridge which held
back a large proglacial lake in the Doggerland region, now submerged under the North Sea. The flood would have lasted several months, releasing as much
as one million cubic metres of water per second. The cause of the breach is not known but may have been caused by an earthquake or simply the build-up
of water pressure in the lake. As well as destroying the isthmus that connected Britain to continental Europe, the flood carved a large bedrock-floored valley
down the length of the English Channel, leaving behind streamlined islands and longitudinal erosional grooves characteristic of catastrophic megaflood
"Great Britain" is the easte
island of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northe
Ireland. Politically, "Great Britain" describes the combination of
England, Scotland, and Wales, and therefore also includes a number of outlying islands such as the Isle of Wight, Anglesey, the Isles of Scilly, the Hebrides,
and the island groups of Orkney and Shetland. It does not include the outlying islands of the Isle of Man...
The sharpest problem in Britain is a problem of the environment. It was not Man who created nature. Nature is not ours, ours is only the possibility to live in it.
To be part of it. Nature never does any harm to itself, only changes and makes adjustments. It is Man who ignores, contaminates and spoils the environment.
Today it is impossible to hide the chilling fates mankind has left for the planet. Man interferes with nature dramatically: cuts down trees, roots jungles and
forests in his dire necessity, destroying the sources of oxygen, mines for coal, chemical fertilizers, for gold, silver, minerals, and precious stones. Man
demands much of the Earth's resources and too often is an ignorant, selfish and thoughtless caretaker because mineral wealth of the earth can not be
recreated. A lot of environmental problems stem from the economic activities of humans. Day-to-day business of individuals and corporations leads to horrific
environmental degradation. Shortages of drinkable water are increasingly common. One fourth of drinking water is unsafe. There is a decline of quality and
quantity of marine food. It is a very serious problem for more than half the people of developing countries obtain more than 30 percent of their protein from
marine fish. Air pollution u monitored practically in every country. Millions of people live in cities where the air is dangerous to breathe. Acid rains that affect
land, lakes and rivers become a problem not only of the developed countries.
Salination and deforestation are responsible for climate change. Poor water quality means diseases, deforestation and overused land lead to soil and fertility
loss and environmental disasters. About one-quarter of the Earth's species risk extinction within the next thirty years because the habitats of many species
are being destroyed. Industry produces a lot of environmental problems everywhere. It consumes 37 percent of the world's energy, and emits 50 percent of

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