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TV-debates (also primaries) in political struggle (on example of pre-electionn debates 2008 in US) (Телевизионные дебаты (в том числе внутрипартийные дебаты) в политической борьбе (на примере предвыборного сезона в США в 2008 году)

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Politics is one of the aspects of life that has taken lead not only in the 21st century but for
a long time in history. It has become a source of inspiration to m any people with regard to
nurturing of leadership talents and understanding fundamental issues in life. Its history dates
back medieval and prehistoric when very little had been known it terms of advancements and
globalization which has engulfed every nation in the world. Many people argue that current
politics in the United States have significantly changed compared to yester years. There are
varying techniques and approaches towards politics with a developing desire of giving it
reputation. How does one become a political? The global community adopted elections as the
most considerable and appropriate way of getting a political leader. Elections is a game of
winning and losing and therefore every person willing to rise as a political leader must strive to win an election in order to rise to a recognizable level of political achievements. The question which disturbs candidates running for political positions is usually winning of a strategic plan to clearly drive him or to the aspired level. This means that there are tactics used in politics which an aim of favoring one side at the expense of the other side. The best strategy which is usually opted for is that which increases the popularity of a person as far as his her agenda in politics is conce
ed. For instance, a candidate who is vying for presidency is supposed to have a more
elaborate and nationwide plan to win than one who wants to lead a given state in America.
One of the tools which have broadly been used by many politicians is the use of mass media for campaign and propaganda. Mass media entails news papers, radio, television and films among others. Research has however shown that television is the most preferred form of media
used by many politicians not only in the United states but most developed and developing
countries in...
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