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курсовые работы, английский язык

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The constancy structure of phraseologisms would have foreseen the constancy of lexical meaning. But the content of the most of phraseologisms often may be variety; it leads to the origin the synonymy in phraseology.
Analysis of cases synonymy in phraseology means that it is the whole identity of individual constant combinations.
The methods of phraseology searching conce
means of division, direction of their characteristics, properties and many different signs.
Phraseologisms, as a rule, don’t define the new objects, but directs on the treatment to things and their estimation. The description of this phenomenon is stylistically variety: to kick the bucket “врізати дуба”, to let off steam “виговоритися”, to let sleeping dogs lie “не чіпати лихо”, to rack one’s brain “ламати голову, уважно міркувати”.
Sometimes the phraseological system is such interchangeable or substitution arrangement of language units – words, which are components of constant combinations. But the only one feature which has the most of constant combinations: it is their undividing.
The phraseological units with the other words are united into the sentences (which are the units of syntaxyc level).
This theme is of present interest because the synonymy is very important part of any language. It allows to avoid repetitions, to enlarge own vocabulary, it also makes the language wider, richer, brighter.
Different types of synonyms are used in different cases or sentences. Synonymy also is one of mode
linguistics’ most controversial problems. The very existence of words traditionally is disputed by some linguistics; the nature and essence of the relationships of these words is hotly debated and treated in quite different ways by the representatives of different linguistic schools.
The subject of phraseology – is the combination of words, which are not formed suddenly in speech, and enter in it as ready blocs with some meanings. Often the meaning of phraseology words is not the result of sum of words’ meanings which enter there.
Synonymy is one of mode
linguistics\' most controversial problems. The very existence of words traditionally called synonyms is disputed by some linguists; the nature and essence of the relationships of these words is hotly debated and treated in quite different ways by the representatives of different linguistic schools.
Even though one may accept that synonyms in the traditional meaning of the term are somewhat elusive and, to some extent, fictitious it is certain that there arc words in any vocabulary which clearly develop regular and distinct relationships when used in speech.
Synonymy is associated with some theoretical problems which at present are still an object of controversy. Probably, the most controversial among these is the, problem of criteria of synonymy. To put it in simpler words, we are: still not certain which words should correctly be considered as synonyms, nor are we agreed .as to the characteristic features which qualify two or more words as synonyms.
There are three types of synonyms: ideographic (which he defined as words conveying the same notion but differing in shades of meaning), stylistic (differing in stylistic characteristics) and absolute (coinciding in all their shades of meaning and in all their stylistic characteristics).
A more mode
and a more effective approach to the classification of synonyms may be based on the definition describing synonyms as words differing in connotations. It seems convenient to classify connotations by which synonyms differ rather than synonyms themselves. It opens up possibilities for tracing much subtler distinctive features within their semantic structures.
Synonyms can therefore be defined in terms of linguistics as two or more words of the same...

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