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Ответы на билеты гос.экзамена отделения английского языка пед.института.

ответы на вопросы, английский язык

Объем работы: 52 стр.

Год сдачи: 2008

Стоимость: 2000 руб.

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1. Etymological characteristics of the mode
English vocabulary. Borrowings.
2. The Lexical and Grammatical Meanings of the Word. Types of lexical meaning and their classification. Polysemy in English and its cause.
3. Homonyms in English
4. Synonyms in English
5. Antonyms in English
6. Phraseological units and their classification
7. Problems of phonostylistics
8. Main trends in the phoneme theory
9. Functions of intonation.
10. Phonetic stylistic devices. Assonance alliteration, stylistic device (SD)
11. Lexical stylistic devices. Epithet. Metaphor.
12. Lexico-syntactical devices. Repetition. Zeugma.
13. Functional styles. Newspaper style. The headline. Brief-news items
14. The Belles-Letters Style. The Structure of the Literary Text(theme, plot, message).
15. Basic translation theories
16 Transformations in translation. Basic translation devices.
17. Britain of the middle 19th century as the leading industrial country in the world. The British Empire and its role in the country’s economy
18. Forming American nation. Ethnical and social structure of the population and its peculiarities at present time
19. Language realias connected with the main historical and cultural events and social associations in Great Britain and The USA.
20. Changes in the system of noun declension in history of English language
21. The development of English verb categories in history of English language
22. The development of analytical tendencies in English
23.Literature Renaissance.The background of Renaissance in England. The works of W.Shakespeare. It’s periodisation.
24. Romanticism in England it’s characteristic features. The Victorian Novel. The works of Charles Dickens (died on Junes 9, 1870)
25. The noun: the category of case
26 . The Phrase. Its definition. Types of phrases from the syntactical point of view.
27. Types of simple sentences. The problem of ellipsis in the simple two-member sentence
28. Types of subject. The problem of an impersonal, indefinite personal and...

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