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Lingvo-stylistic Peculiarities of Canadian Political Discourse

курсовые работы, английский язык

Объем работы: 45 стр.

Год сдачи: 2008

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Introduction 2
Chapter I The notion of political discourse 4
1.1 The notion of discourse 4
1.2 Political discourse 4

Chapter II Cultural and linguistic overview of Canada 13
2.1 Canadian English: history and features 13
2.2 Political system of Canada 16
Chapter III Distinctive Canadianisms in political discourse of Canada 20
3.1 Lexical peculiarities in political discourse of Canada 20
3.2. Grammatical and orthographic peculiarities in the Canadian Political discourse 26
3.3 Stylistic devices in political discourse of Canada: 31
Chapter IV :Analyses of the article 38
Conclusions 44
Bibliography 45

When we think of politics, we think of it mainly in terms of the struggle for power in order to secure specific ideas and interests and put them into practice. This process of manifesting a political will and transforming it into concrete social action is realised first of all between political parties. In this process, language plays an important role. In fact, any political action is prepared, accompanied, controlled and influenced by language. We could easily add other verbs to this list, such as guided, explained, justified, evaluated, criticised.

The study of language has recently become more central to those academic disciplines conce
ed with politics. However, political scientists on the one hand, and linguists, or discourse analysts, on the other hand, focus on different aspects when they discuss the relationship between language and politics, and they also apply different theories and methods in doing so. Political scientists are mainly conce
ed with the consequences of political decisions and actions for (the history of) a society, and they may be interested in the political realities which are constructed in and through discourse. Linguists, on the other hand, have always been particularly interested in the linguistic structures used to get politically relevant messages across to the addressees in order to fulfill a specific function. But also a more narrow linguistic analysis of political discourse cannot ignore the broader societal and political framework in which such discourse is embedded...(fragment)

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