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Особенности образования в Англии

рефераты, английский язык

Объем работы: 10-15 стр

Год сдачи: 2008

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Introduction 3
1. Compulsory schooling & Primary education 4
2. Secondary education 6
3. Oxbridge 7
Conclusion 9
Bibliography 12
Ever since the existence of man the teaching and lea
ing process has been an integral part of human experience. The communication of knowledge and practical skills has always been essential to the development of individuals, groups and wider communities. If this is true of the most primitive of communities it is all the more so in today's complex society where personal fulfilment depends to a large extent on one's social role which is often a direct result of acquired knowledge and the ability to make the most of it. The ability to develop one's critical sense, the ability to analyse, to see how things and persons relate are all skills that are the result of education.
It was not long before communities realised that if they needed people of ability then it had to encourage education. After all a society of any kind is not a mere abstraction but a number of individuals that are in some way are related and interact. The development of society as a whole depends on the development of each constituent part.
Even the Homo Habilis of the Stone Age had to lea
to make rudimentary weapons to defend himself and to hunt for food. He had to lea
how to use the skins of the animals to make basic protective clothing. The transmission of knowledge and skills allowed him to survive. We are the living proof that he did survive; we have built upon his knowledge.
Education in England is the responsibility of the Department for Children, Schools and Families and the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills of the Gove
ment of the United Kingdom. Until June 2007, education in England was the responsibility of the Department for Education and Skills. At a local level the local authorities take responsibility for implementing policy for public education and state schools. There is also a strong tradition of independent schooling.
1. Великобритания: лингвострановедческий словарь/ сост. Г.Д. Томахин – М., 2001
2. Коваленко П.И., Агабекян И.А. Английский – Ростов-на-дону,1999
3. Куприянова В.Р. Британия – Л., 1977
4. Радовель В.А. Английский для поступающих в вузы – Ростов-на-Дону, 1999

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