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рефераты, английский язык

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2. Main Body “Corporation”
2.1. Characteristics of a corporation
2.2. Organizing the corporation
2.3. Powers of the corporation
3. Conclusion
4. Bibliography
5. Appendix

In mode
conditions the most widespread form of the organization of large business is the corporation. The corporation represents set of the persons united for achievement of overall aims, realization of joint activity and forming the independent subject of the right - the legal person. Though corporations as such have arisen in Middle Ages, in mode
value this concept, as a rule, designates the optimum form of large-scale manufacture of the goods and services in conditions of market economy.
Corporations unite the basic manufacturers of same production that results to monopolizing manufactures. They also promote concentration of the investment capital, provide scientific and technical development and directly influence development of manufacture, increase of a technological level of production and maintenance of competitiveness, receive the accelerated development in those branches where there is a development of manufacture at development of new generations of products.
Corporation - simultaneously property complex, the legal person, a commodity producer. Corporation can act in the form both the separate large enterprise, and association of the several enterprises, and also to function in the form both simple joint-stock company, and association of joint-stock companies, for example the holding company. The corporation represents one of scale forms of integration of the companies by association of joint-stock companies and other firms of various fields of activity with a view of development of the coordinated policy of versatile activity.

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6. Incorporation FAQ http://www.4inc.com/incfaq.htm

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