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It is quite obvious that nowadays English is an international language... Finding a job. Job interview. Financial crisis. - перевод 4-х текстов.

контрольные работы, английский язык

Объем работы: 4 стр.

Год сдачи: 2008

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ТЕКСТ № 1:

It is quite obvious that nowadays English is an inte
ational language. It is the first language for most people, for example, for people from the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States of America, Australia, New Zealand and others. But it is widely used as a second language and as an official one in many countries. Today people use it not only as a way of communicating during traveling, but also as a way of carrying on business. Therefore, one should speak English now. But business English has different meanings. For example, it may be focused on vocabulary and topics used in the worlds of finance, business, trade, inte
ational relations etc. Also it may be referred to the communication skills used in the workplace, and may be focused on the language and skills needed for typical business communication such as presentations, negotiations, meetings, small talk, socializing, correspondence, report writing, and so on. Speaking about the business English language, one should also note that it has a standard which people should use while they speak English. It recommends avoiding jargon, dialects, long and ambiguous sentences. Because sometimes you may communicate with people for whom this language is not the native one. It is quite easy to have business around the world knowing the only one language – English.

ТЕКСТ № 2:

Finding a job

When you are going to find a new job, you should certainly know what job you want to have: a full-time job or a part time one. A full-time job is for the whole of the normal working week, a part-time job is for less time than that. Most people have a nine-to-five job. Also one should distinguish between a permanent job which does not finish after a fixed period and a temporary job that finishes after a fixed period. If you want to change your workplace you may look in the situations vacant pages of your local newspapers. As well you may use Inte
et sites. There are many special sites for it such as www.job.ru or...

ТЕКСТ № 4:

Financial crisis

First of all, one should note that the term financial crisis means a variety of situations when some financial institutions suddenly lose money. Now it exists around the world. Surveys say that people spend less money on Christmas presents than in previous year. Many companies, organizations, banks and firms became bankrupts. There are a lot of people who discuss the financial crisis. It is discussed everywhere: on TV, in newspapers, magazines and Inte
et. But different people have different opinions about it. For example, one says that you should keep your money in rubles, but the others argue and say that it is better to do in Euro. The economic events have validated these conce
s. The world has lea
ed that hot money can flow out of a country as rapidly as it flowed in. The result has been a financial crisis that has devastated lives around the world. Financial inconstancy is bringing massive economic breakdown, insecurity, increased poverty, unemployment and population shifts in some areas. The financial crisis teaches people to save money (not to spend it on trifles). As for my opinion, I think that our gove
ment can quite soon solve this problem.

ТЕКСТ № 3:

Job interview

When you are going to find a new job you should pass several steps. The first one is completing an application form and sending it. You make an application, send in your CV (curriculum vitae – the story of your working life) and a covering letter that explain why you want this very job and why you are the right person for this position. If your future employer invites you to an interview, it means that your application is quite interesting for them that they like to get to know you better. The interview - a process, in which a potential employee is evaluated by an employer for prospective employment in their company, organization, or firm, is a great opportunity to present your own interests and skills. It may last between 30 and 60 minutes. The interview begins with questions about your resume, which you sent as part of your application. The interview gives you the opportunity to describe in detail stages in your professional career that were particularly important for you. Then your employer may ask you about your work experience, different responsibilities that you had etc. One should remember that a job interview normally precedes the hiring. So, it is very important to make an impression. You must be well prepared for your interview. A common reason employers give for not hiring an applicant, is the inability of the applicants to fully explain the contents of their CV. Therefore it is important to be able to discuss in detail every item listed on ones resume, and if possible to give examples when appropriate. It is also wise to research the company before the interview. You should perfectly know what this company does. To avoid being nervous, practice answering difficult questions. A good source of interview questions can be found by searching the Inte

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