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рефераты, английский язык

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Год сдачи: 2008

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Last June I didn’t know if I would manage to have a rest, for the head of our company is rather unpredictable man, so we usually don’t know about our vacation until it is a couple of days off. That’s why I couldn’t go abroad when at last I was on leave, because I had no time to take care of entry visa to any country as I didn’t want to go to Turkey or to Egypt since I had been there before. But I was very tired of our northe
climate and couldn’t spend my summer holidays watching TV or shopping. So I decided to go to the Crimea where the weather was fine according to the advisory and the information from several booklets promised me a lot of fun.

Перевод текста

В июне прошлого года я не знала, удастся ли мне уйти в отпуск, поскольку наш директор – человек весьма непредсказуемый, и мы обычно узнаем об отпуске дня за два до него. Поэтому, когда меня, наконец, отпустили, я не могла поехать за границу, поскольку хлопотать о визе в какую-нибудь страну уже не было времени, а ехать в Турцию или Египет мне не хотелось, потому что я там уже была. Но я очень устала от нашего северного климата и не могла провести свой летний отпуск за телевизором или в походах по магазинам. Итак, я решила ехать в Крым, где по прогнозам погода стояла отличная, а информация, почерпнутая из нескольких брошюр, обещала мне массу удовольствия.

I went to the Crimea by a fast train for the air tickets were quite expensive. I like to travel light and usually take only the first essentials. The compartment was rather convenient, my companions were not annoying, the Ukrainian customs inspection was not tiresome so I arrived at Simferopol in a good state of mind. Then I went to Yalta by trolley-bus. I stayed at a small hotel near Massandra Park not far from the beach. Some days I had some vegetable existence: I was eating fruit and other tasty things, drinking beer, bathing and sunning, having a rest from my job, from my company and from my boss as well. But on occasions I felt shame at having so useless time and either went on excursions, or if the sea was calm I went boating and admired the splendid view of the harbour and the beach.

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