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Youth problems in the USA

курсовые работы, английский язык

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Год сдачи: 2009

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Youth problems in the USA.<br><br>Structure:<br><br>1. Introduction- 2.<br>2.1. Believes and values- 3.<br>2.2. Generation gap- 3.<br>2.3. Choosing future profession- 5.<br>2.4. Friendship- 6.<br>2.5. Love- 6. <br>2.6. Accommodation- 7.<br>2.7. Communication- 8.<br>2.8. Money- 8.<br>2.9. Unemployment- 10.<br>2.10. Youth organizations- 10.<br>2.11. Spending free time- 14.<br>2.12. Drugs- 14.<br>2.13. AIDS – 17.
<br>3. Conclusion- 20.<br>4. Appendix- 22. <br>5. Material used- 26..

1. Introduction.<br><br> Youth is the time when a person is trying to find his place in the world. And during this search he or she comes across different problems which are as important as those of the adults. The youth of the twenty first century face almost the same the problems which were acute to their parents when they were young. <br><br> Problems of the youth is a very important period in the life of man. This is the time when a person discovers the world and tries to determine the place in the universe. Young people face lots of problems which are very important for them and do not differ much from those that once their parents had to deal with. At the same time every generation is unique. It differs from the one that preceded it in its experience, ideals and a system of values. The adults always say that the young are not what they were. These words are repeated from generation to generation. To some extent they are true, because every new generation grows up quicker, enjoys more freedom. It is better educated and benefits from the results of the technological progress of the time. Young people of today do not directly accept the standards of their parents who believe that they are right because they are older. The adults don`t want their values to be questioned. The young on the other hand can not accept the values of their fathers. <br><br> That’s why we decided to choose the topic of problems of youth as the theme of this work. In this work we innumerate the main problems, which young people from USA can have (according to mass media and their own opinion), and compare it with the variety of problem, which youth from Britain, Russia and other countries can have.
<br><br>We choose different mass media resources (TV, newspapers, magazines, livejou
als, etc.) to collect information about the main problems and to get people`s opinion about this or that problem.

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