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Drug abuse - the plague of the society. Наркотики.

рефераты, английский язык

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Drug abuse - the plague of the society.

In many countries of the world drug abuse has become a real problem that threatens people’s health and stability within society.
<br>In many countries caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and barbiturates are all legal drugs. They are similar to illegal ones in that, sooner or later, they can affect you so that you find yourself depending on a regular supply of them. The extend of dependence varies according to the person and the drug, but most people find it harder to give up even cigarettes or tea, than say, apples or cheese. This is because most of us smoke, have a coffee or drink either as a way of calming ourselves down or relieving tension or as a way or bucking ourselves up, finding extra energy. These drugs have become associated with their power to relieve certain feelings and a habit is formed.

1) Практика устной речи. Selected topics for discussion. Advanced level.:учебное методическое пособие по английскому языку для студентов старших курсов./Л.С.Крохалёва и др.-МГЛУ,2009

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