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Advertising terminology. Problems and solutions.

курсовые работы, английский язык

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Год сдачи: 2004

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I. Introduction.
Advertising as a phenomenon of mode
society. 1
II. The linguistic analysis of terminology 6
III. The Inte
et Advertising Terminology. Its peculiarities 9
Bibliography 14
The aim of this work is to analyze the advertising terminology in the terms of linguistics: that is, to observe it on the background of all the terminology and to outline its peculiarities. But firstly we are to describe the advertising itself as a phenomenon of mode
Advertising is defined as any paid form of non-personal communication about goods, ideas and services. The dictionary definition is formulated as “the industry that produces advertisements to be shown on television, printed in magazines etc.” and the advertisements are defined as “public notice offering or asking for goods, services, etc.” .
The advertising is important because it creates connection between the consumer and the producer of goods. This main purpose of advertising can be divided into several points:
- advertising provides information about goods and services;
- advertising creates competition between two or more producers and sellers of goods; without it the situation will move towards monopoly;
- advertising attracts attention to some things and so on.
So advertising is very essential because it takes part in the economic organization of the mode
society. It became so important in the time of mass media, because only mass media can distribute the advertisements for many potential customers and consumers. Advertising organizes marketing, which is the basis of mode
life. Marketing – is any human activity, which is directed at sophistic needs and marks by creating and exchanging goods, 2 or more parties should exist. Each party must have something of value, each party must desire to get something, there must be a channel of communication. Includes various types of activities, which are aims and satisfying.
Marketing consists of four steps:

The third phase is the phase of advertising. Without it the produced and distributed good will stay forever on the shop shelves.
It goes without saying that the linguistic study of advertising is very important and even...
The analysis of this small dictionary allows us to draw some conclusions:
(1) the advertising terminology is based on the terms of national language: there are no Greek and Latin terms. There are several explanations of such a phenomenon: firstly, advertising is the mode
sphere of work, so the terminology is taken from the mode
spoken language. On the other hand, the advertising is not a science, it’s business – so the terminology should be clear and easily understood by anybody: it means that the meaning of term should be easily deducible from the sum of meanings of its component parts.
(2) There are very many abbreviations – maybe, it could be considered the realization of the general tendency towards economy in the language.
(3) There are some spheres of Inte
et advertising terminology:
- place terms (e.g. above the fold)
- visual terms (e.g. page view, skyscraper)
- marketing terms (practically all the abbreviations)
- terms which deal with users’ activity (e.g. Frequency cap, Unique Visitors)
(4) According the inner form, terms are made with the help of:
- metaphor (“skyscraper” for the vertical banner, for instance; “stickiness” for the ability to attract attention)
- word-combination principle

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