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Dust control methods in tunnels and underground mines

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Год сдачи: 2008

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If controlling dust were a simple matter, dust problems in tunnels and mines would have been eliminated years ago. Unfortunately, most underground dust control methods yield only 25% to 50% reductions in respirable dust. This is the small-size, hard-to-trap dust in the crucial 1- 7 micrometer particle size range that enters the inner lungs. Often, 25% to 50% reductions are not enough to achieve compliance with dust standards, and so mine operators must use several methods simultaneously, usually without knowing for certain how well any individual method is working. In fact, given a 25% error in dust sampling, and day-to-day variations in dust generation of 50% or more, the analysis of which control methods are most effective can be very difficult. Nevertheless, over the years, some consensus has emerged on the best dust control practices.
This paper provides a control method perspective on how dust in tunnels and underground mines can be reduced by proper use of ventilation, water, and dust collectors.
Methods for reducing dust in tunnels and underground mines are summarized in the table above.
Many methods have been tested to control dust in tunnels and underground mines. Poor results and difficult operating conditions have ruled out a high proportion of these methods. Those that have remained will reliably reduce dust if one makes a determined effort to deal with the problem. Inevitably, there is cost and inconvenience involved. However, the proper consideration and use of ventilation, water, and dust collectors can usually achieve a satisfactory result.

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