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Положительные и отрицательные стороны продления срока авторского права

рефераты, право

Объем работы: 10 стр.

Год сдачи: 2010

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Introduction – p.2.
Intellectual Property – p.2.
Part 1. Basic information about the intellectual property – p.2.
Part 2. Effects and consequences of intellectual property rights – p.5.
Part 3. Ways of optimization of the management of IP rights – p.7.
Conclusion – p.8.
Bibliography – 10 p.


The term intellectual property rights is a general term which comprises numerous individual rights, this generalization being quite unclear since there are substantial differences between patents (technical inventions) and copyrights (e.g. cultural, personal, intellectual creation) as far as legal content and effectiveness are conce
ed. Yet, different IP rights still have many similar aspects, e.g. as far as their purpose or monopolization in favor of individuals are conce
ed. Moreover, the term intellectual property does not mean that human thoughts can be monopolized. On the contrary, ideas as such cannot be protected. Rather, this reflects the immaterial character of such rights.
In January 1, 2008, Part IV of the Civil Code, which specifically gove
s intellectual property issues has took affects and replaced all English laws which previously regulated intellectual property issues, including the Copyright Law, the Trademark Law, the Patent Law, the Software Law and some others. A number of related legal acts have been cancelled or amended.
Intellectual Property Law is legally divided into the Copyright law, the law of trade marks and the Industrial Property Law. The Industrial property includes the law of Trade Marks (marks for the goods and services), Patents for the Inventions, Utility Models and Industrial Models (the law of passing off). Except for it, sorts of plants and topography of integrated microcircuits - are subject of protection. Among this work I am going to study the prolongation of Intellectual Property, it`s pluses and mineses.

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