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Использование детского труда в entertainment business

курсовые работы, английский язык

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Introduction 3
Part 1. Aspects of intellectual property 5
Part 2. Child Labor 8
Conclusion 17
Bibliography 18


Child labour is an attraction of children to work on a regular basis. Now in the majority of the countries child labour is considered the form of operation and is recognised by illegal. In the past child labour was widespread, but after occurrence and a recognition of concepts of safety of work and the rights of children of a scope of child labour gradually began to be reduced. Among the kinds of child labour existing in civilised countries, it is possible to note work in show business (cinema, theatre, a platform). Children often happen are involved in various kinds of criminal activity, including prostitution and a po
ography. In some countries of Africa of children arm and force to participate in operations.
The United Nations and the ILO consider child labour as operation . Article 32 of the Convention about the rights of the child guarantees «on protection against economic operation and against performance of any work which can represent danger to its health or serve as an obstacle in reception of formation by it, or cause a damage to its health and physical, intellectual, spiritual, moral and social development» .
In India the highest indicator of use childrens and forced labour, in such areas as a gold mining, gathering of cocoa and tailoring, according to the report of the gove
ment of the USA is fixed.
In the list of the countries in which use forced labour, Myanma is in the lead – more often such workers use at gathering of rice, a sugar cane and rubber.
The six of the states where the maximum number of similar infringements is revealed, included Brazil, Bangladesh, China and Philippines.
Sixty nine percent of children working worldwide, are occupied in agriculture – they collect a clap, tobacco, coffee, rice, a sugar cane and cocoa.
It is important to acknowledge from the outset that the problem of child performers in the entertainment industry is different in scale and nature from that of child labourers targeted by IPEC and a large...

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