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Important features to consider while recruiting staff

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Skills for plant workers
Many people nowadays work on factories. They are mostly elderly people, because young specialists do not want to make draft work. But our gove
ment decided to support such workers, so I think that engineers, mechanics and builders are rather prospective today.
Firstly, such people have to be very skilful and have fundamental education with good qualifications. Secondly, they must be able to be educated easily, as technologies improve fast and factories become more mode
year by year. So employers implement the system of trainings (usually free of charge), but it is hard for elderly people to lea
, that is why young workers are most valuable.
On the other hand, almost all such positions do not require creative thoughts. It’s more valuable if worker simply do what his chief wants without objections. As far, as I know, in Soviet Union there was another point of view: every plant worker was valued for his suggestions about innovations. Nowadays innovations are made by scientists or special group of people in the plant.
In the article “Decline of the working man”, printed in The Economist, author states that men who are unemployed, have previous convictions. “Despite having a degree in public administration and applying for “more jobs than I can count”, Mr Bradley has had only the odd stint as a telephone surveyor. His problem is that his degree was ea
ed in prison, whence he was recently released. “My criminal record is the primary barrier to getting a job.” It is not a secret that no one wants to put in payroll judged people.

Skills for top managers
Top managers are supposed to have other features to be successful on their positions. HR department seek people with previous experience on managing position. As far as I know, in many occasions it doesn’t matter what education a person has, either technical or humanitarian, personal features are more important. They should be able to meet challenges easily, think strategically and...
Today we can see that process of recruiting has changed beyond recognition. Employers want to see skilled applicants for every vacancy. They consider not only professional characteristics, but also personal features. So I suppose that it is necessary to take into consideration most requested skills and features for mode
jobs and positions.
In conclusion I would like to say that mode
jobs request many other skills than such 20 years ago. If you want to move up a career ladder, you should catch up new knowledge, be flexible, energetic and purposeful.

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