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Organizational Change

рефераты, Управление персоналом

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Changes in the economy and the business environment have forced some organizations to change the way they do business.
Significant organizational change occurs, for example, when an organization changes its overall strategy for success, adds or removes a major section or practice, and wants to change the very nature by which it operates. It also occurs when an organization evolves through various life cycles, just like people must successfully evolve through life cycles. For organizations to develop, they often must undergo significant change at various points in their development. That's why the topic of organizational change and development has become widespread in communications about business, organizations, leadership and management.
There is an opinion that in order to grow you have got to face the fact that painless change happens only in fairy tales. I can’t help but agree with this fact. But I also consider that some people see change as an opportunity. They say changes energise, invigorate them. Such people are constantly renewing themselves, leaving the past behind. But for other change represents a threat

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