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An increase in population at the rate of 600% in the last 2 centuries has led to gross overpopulation. Problems that such increased levels of population cause include scarcity of living space, in addition to a change or disruption in the ecological balance of the planet...
In demography, the term overpopulation refers to a condition wherein the total population of a particular region far exceeds the carrying capacity of the region. Although the term by and large refers to the ratio between population and the available area, the ratio between the population and available resources cannot be ignored. Overpopulation is one of the major problems the planet is facing today, and it directly or indirectly fuels other problems, ranging from pollution to global warming. Estimated figures suggest that the world population will cross 9 billion mark by the year 2050. If this happens, it would be very difficult to keep overpopulation problems at bay for a long time.
Overpopulation problems refer to a series of interwoven problems which are basically caused due to population explosion. The worst thing about these problems is that they act as major hindrances in the process of development. Though restricted to the urban areas as of now, these problems have already begun and it will be just a matter of time before they engulf the entire planet.
The amount of waste produced by increasing population will hamper the waste management program in several countries. Untreated waste and poor hygiene will result in the spread of diseases. A large population will make the spread of contagious diseases even more easier.
Increase in population will also increase the anthropogenic activities which cause global warming and related climate change. We have proved time and again that we won't hesitate to encroach upon the natural surroundings and destroy them if we don't have a place to stay. This will result in loss of habitat for various species...

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