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Год сдачи: 2011

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Emanuela Marrocu
Raffaele Paci
Forthcoming in Economic Geography
November 2011

2. Measures of human capital
In this section, after a brief review of the relevant literature, we try to disentangle the issue of measuring human capital endowments by proposing a classification, based on the available measures of occupation and education attainment, which is expected to take us in the direction of overcoming the measurement problem discussed in the literature.
Following Florida’s contribution, the concept and measurement of the creative class have obtained great attention (Peck 2005; Villalba 2008). Given its initial broad and elusive definition, most empirical studies start tackling the issue of what is to be meant by “creative class” and then figure out their own specific definition. For instance, McGranahan and Wojan (2007) emphasise that Florida’s creative class not only includes high education occupations but also encompasses some technical occupations that, over time, have acquired important decision-making responsibilities, and such a high level of aggregation may indeed lead to low “construct validity”.
For this reason the authors propose a narrow definition of the creative class – the recast creative class – mainly based on the creativity content of occupations derived from the US Occupational Information Network. Occupations that require “little creative thinking” and are more reproduction and execution oriented are therefore dropped from the broad definition. This enables to reduce the high heterogeneity within creative occupations, which could lead to misleading results in the empirical analysis (Comunian et al. 2010).
The impact of the creative class on regional performance has been analyzed in several contributions applied to various geographical contexts spanning from the US metropolitan areas (Florida et al. 2008) and rural and urban counties (McGranahan and Wojan, 2007) to...

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