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Artificial Intelligence

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Why do you need the AI?
Item number 1.
Item number 2.
Item number 3.
Goal number 2.
Goal number 3.
Methods of creating artificial intelligence.
Pro and con
Since the late 40s a growing number of scientists of university and industrial research labs rushed to the audacious goal: building computers, acting in such a way that the results of their work would be impossible to distinguish from the human mind. Patiently moving forward in their hard work, researchers working in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), found that they have entered the fray with a very complicated problems, far beyond the traditional computer science. It tu
ed out that, first of all, it is necessary to understand the mechanisms of the lea
ing process, the nature of language and sensory perception. And then, many researchers have concluded that perhaps the most difficult problem facing mode
science - knowledge about the functioning of the human mind, and not merely an imitation of his work. That directly affect the fundamental theoretical problems of psychology. In fact, it is difficult even to scientists to come to a common point of view on the very subject of their investigations - intelligence.
Some believe that the intelligence - the ability to solve complex problems, while others see it as lea
ing ability, generalization and analogies, others - as an opportunity to interact with the outside world through communication, perception and awareness of the perceived.

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