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Стилистический анализ эмоционального высказывания на примере произведения Л. Кэррола "Алиса в стране чудес"(На английском языке)

курсовые работы, иностранные языки

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Год сдачи: 2012

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Introduction 3
1. Theoretical part 6
2. Practical part: Stylistic analysis 15
Conclusions 25
Bibliography 27
The world famous author of "Alice in Wonderland" was bo
in the small village in the County of Cheshire (possibly for this reason it included in the work of a smiling Cheshire cat) on January 27, 1832. Parish priest Charlz Dodzhson and his wife, Frances Jane Lyutvidzh were his parents. Christened it by old tradition: it was given two names: it is a name – in honor of the father – Charlz, and another – in honor of mother – Lyutvidzh. "Alice's" author was a mathematician and wrote scientific articles, and consequently for writing of the stories to one of which that "Alice in Wonderland" to it was was necessary to take a pseudonym – Lewis Carroll whom he received by a translation of the name into Latin and back and verbal game. Since then all the works of art Ch.L. Dodzhson signed a pseudonym, and scientific works, as before – an own name, except for two scientific works – «Logic game» (1887) and «Symbolical logic». But in this case it was tempted that its these works were calculated on wide audience, including children of school age. Even for those who knew Lewis Carroll pretty close, it represented the person riddle, in it things, apparently, the absolutely incompatible incorporated: on the one hand his commitment to the exact sciences, such as mathematics and algebraic logic, and on the other side of his endless love to theater and art as a whole. And probably, for this reason from under its feather there were really surprising and many-sided works, such how to lead the fairy tale "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and «Through a mirror and that there Alice, or Alice in the World behind the looking-glass», the poem «Hunting for the Snark» saw, the two-volume novel «Sylvie and Bruno» and Sylvie and Bruno's "Conclusion"». These books, as we know, not only nurseries though they are published in children's editions and are read by children with great pleasure, but also adults as the English writer Virginia Vulf noticed in due time: «Alice's adventures can't be...
A few books stand the test of time as enduring classics. Lewis Carroll wrote the two Alice books over 130 years ago, and his work is still read with enjoyment by children and adults alike, and still fires the imagination of creative people. This column will attempt an understanding of that enjoyment, and go on to review a small selection of the many projects inspired by Alice.
Than farther from England, than more widely out of limits of English the glory of “Alice's Adventure” extends, that this glory to become less concrete, less warm, colder. The first reason - transfers. Let the word-play is explained or transferred, in transfer a certain special atmosphere however disappears. It tu
s out, Alice travels but to all globe, and the spirit of the book stays at home - in England. The second reason - space and time. A set of details of the life which has gone to the past. Certainly, there is a lot of them in everyone. work by the last. However not any work of classical literature holds this left life with such force as “Alice's Adventures”, not any classical work is so deep as “Alice's Adventure”, is implanted in it. These roots can be pulled out only with sense of all book. And, at last, absolutely special paradoxical nature of this book. The main paradox is in "Alice's" destiny that this children's book involves over time more and more adults, instead of children. Books endure retu
destiny more often: they from "adults" become nurseries, too clearing up and as though settling the sense, making there is attractive force of the book, there is no time "adults", they often sink into dotage with age. The adventures written by Lewis Carroll, a rare and almost unique case of considerable "not growing" of the book.
With approach of a new eyelid of the fairy tale of Carroll receive new judgment; it becomes obvious that the circle of their influence is very wide. Prominent writers recognize the duty to Carroll, his fantastic images get more and more into literature...

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