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Business organization and their environment

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There are four main characteristics common to all business organizations:
1. Coordination of effort (when people work together joining up their skills, talents, ideas they accomplish more tasks for a shorter period of time);
2. Common goal/purpose (it gives a rallying point, it is a key of a group work, something that people should strive to);
3. Division of labor (to use human resources as efficiently as possible each business organization divides complex tasks into specialized jobs which are given to employees and it’s called division of labor);
4. Hierarchy of authority (is used to control, direct and organize all the activity and people in an organization; without it isn’t possible to achieve coordination of effort.
Each organizational structure consists of different levels of management. ...
Early in human existence people realized that group activity enables to accomplish more tasks than individual efforts. A system of consciously coordinated activities or forces of two or more persons formulates an organization. And a business organization is a group of people working together in order to accomplish certain goals and also for profit maximization.

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