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Английский, вариант 5

контрольные работы, английский язык

Объем работы:

Год сдачи: 2012

Стоимость: 100 руб.

Просмотров: 224


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Вариант 5

Упражнение 1
Следующие местоимения запишите в четыре колонки: а) отрицательные; б) личные в объектном падеже; в) относительные; г) неопределённые. Дайте их перевод:
Us, nobody, that, something, me, anybody, some, you, neither, who, any, none, her, somebody, one, them, no, nothing, it, him, which, whose, someone, anyone, anything.

Упражнение 2
Переведите следующие предложения, обращая внимание на употребление и перевод притяжательных местоимений.
1. A friend of mine has got a car.
2. They visited our beautiful capital many times.
3. I have lost my key. Give me yours, please.
4. Whose gloves are these? They are hers.
5. This does not look like his book. It must be ours.

Упражнение 3
Закончите предложения, заменив существительные в скобках на местоимение that, those или one. Переведите:
1. Iˈve already read this book. Give me another (book)
2. She liked this story very much, but she disliked (the story) you told her yesterday.
3. These tickets are better, than (the tickets) which he has bought before.

Упражнение 4
Выпишите из текста все местоимения. Укажите их разряд (личные, притяжательные и т.д.). Переведите их на русский язык.
A young man was a stranger in the town, and had been brought to a dance at the local Deaf and Dumb Hospital by his old friend, the doctor.
“How can I ask a deaf and dumb girl to dance?” he asked a little anxiously.
“Just smile and bow to her,” answered the doctor, who had done it many times.
So the young man picked out a beautiful girl, bowed and smiled, and away they danced.
They danced not only one dance that evening, but even three, and he was going to ask her for another when a stranger came up to the girl and said, “When are we going to have another dance? Itˈs almost an hour since I had one with you.”
“I know, dear, ” answered the girl, “but I don’t know how to get away from this dumb young man.”

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