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эссе, английский язык

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The Bank is a financial institution and a financial intermediary that accepts deposits and channels those contributions in credit operations, or ease lending or indirectly through the capital markets. The Bank is a relationship between the customers who have a shortage of capital and customer capital surplus. Because of their power in the financial system and the economy, the banks, as usual, is strictly regulated in most countries. Many banks are working in a system known as fractional reserve banking where they hold only a small margin of the deposit and give the rest to acquire profits. They, as usual, provided the minimum capital requirements, which are based on a set of inte
ational standards of capital, known as the Basel Accords. The oldest bank still in existence Monte dei Paschi di Siena, headquartered in Siena, Italy, which runs continuously from 1472. Followed by Berenberg Bank Hamburg (1590) and Sveriges Riksbank of Sweden (1668). Banking in the mode
sense became rich cities of the Renaissance in Italy, such as Florence, Venice and Genoa. In the history of banking, the number of banking dynasties, of which only the Medici, Fugger, Welser, Berenberg, Baring and Rothschild, played a central role for many centuries. Banking in the mode
sense of the word can be traced back to the Middle Ages and early Renaissance Italy, to the rich cities in the north like Florence, Venice and Genoa Sialkot. Bardi and Peruzzi families dominated banking in 14th century Florence, establishing branches in many other parts of Europe. One of the most famous Italian bank was the Medici bank, set up by Giovanni di Bicci de 'Medici in 1397. The earliest-known state of the banking payment, Banco di San Giorgio (Bank of St. George), was founded in 1407 in Genoa, Italy. Origin of the word. The word bank was borrowed in Middle English from Middle French Banque, the old Italian Banca, from Old High German full, bank "bench, counter". Benches were used as desks or exchange...

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