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Factor analysis of the profitability of foreign trade companies Or/ Information support for foreign trade marketing company.

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Год сдачи: 2013

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Introduction 2
Concept financial stability and its factors 3
Factor analysis of the profitability of foreign trade companies 6
Influence of factors of the exte
al marketing environment. 9
Factors of the macro environment 16
Conclusion 22
Literature 24
Basis of marketing are complex market researches. Including studying as exte
al marketing environment, market and motivations of the consumer, and inte
al marketing environment, i.e. an assessment of production and marketing opportunities of the branch building work on the principles of marketing. Such market researches allow to choose an optimum sales market, to carry out planning, i.e. reasonable, according to results of market researches, anticipation, the forecast of development of a market situation and development of the appropriate measures of marketing impact on the market for the purpose of ensuring efficiency of business and marketing activity of branch and realization of the strategic directions of production.
Market researches create scientifically and almost reasonable base for adoption of the qualified decisions by administrative personnel and the top management.
Financial stability - the characteristic testifying to stable excess of the income over expenses, free maneuvering by funds of the enterprise and their effective use, uninterrupted process of production and production realization. Financial stability is formed in the course of all production economic activity and is the main component of the general stability of the enterprise.
The analysis of stability of a financial condition for this or that date allows to find out, how correctly the enterprise operated financial resources during the period preceding this date. It is important that the condition of financial resources conformed to requirements of the market and met requirements of development of the enterprise as insufficient financial stability can result in insolvency of the enterprise and lack of means at it for production development, and superfluous - to interfere with development, burdening enterprise expenses excessive stocks and reserves. Thus, the essence of financial stability is defined by effective formation, distribution and use of financial resources.
One of the most important characteristics of a financial condition of the enterprise - stability of its activity in long-term prospect. It is connected with the general financial structure of the enterprise, degree of its dependence on creditors and investors. Many businessmen in Russia prefer to put a minimum of own means in business, and to finance it generally at the expense of the money borrowed. Indicators of financial stability characterize degree of dependence of the enterprise from exte
al sources of financing. However if the structure "own capital - borrowed funds" has a considerable distortion towards debts, the enterprise can easily go out of business if some creditors at the same time demand the money back at the same time.
Financial stability of the enterprise - one of the most important characteristics of its financial activity. Financial stability is a stability of activity of the...

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