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Consumer choice theories and their application.

курсовые работы, Экономика

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Год сдачи: 2013

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Introduction 3
1. Economic benefits and their classification 5
1.1 Long-term and short-lived benefits 5
1.2 Direct and indirect benefits 5
1.3 Vehicles and consumer goods 6
1.4 complementary and substitutable goods 7
1.4.1 The complementary benefits 7
1.4.2 Interchangeable good 7
2. Prerequisites consumer choice theory 9
3. Economic theories and models of consumer choice 10
3.1 Model of consumer behavior 10
3.2 Usefulness of the goal and the basis for consumer choice 11
3.3 Features of consumer demand 12
3.4 The budget constraint 14
4. Non-economic factors of consumer choice 14
4.1 Classification of non-economic factors of consumer choice 14
4.2 Factors cultural order 14
4.3. Personal factors 16
4.4 Type of personality and a self 17
4.5 The factors of a psychological nature 17
Conclusion 18
References 19

Chose "theory of consumer choice," first of all, I would like to note that I will consider it not only in terms of the economy, as the problem of choice, practically all scientific disciplines. Even having thoroughly studied the basic economic laws of consumer behavior, never will absolutely tell what to do or that person in a given situation. In the formulation of any economic law, every scientist always leaves one very important factor: the individual characteristics of a person and the surrounding reality.
Consumer choice explores the compromises without which life is impossible to imagine the consumer. For example, to gain more of a commodity, it will have to limit the purchase of other products. If the individual prefers to work holidays, he will have to accept the inevitable decline in revenue and limiting other needs. So what drives the consumer to make a choice in one direction or another?
Consumer behavior - is the formation of the market demand of buyers, offering a choice of benefits subject to prevailing prices.
Our range of goods and services for consumption, that is, consumer choice depends, first of all, on our needs and tastes, habits, traditions, that is, on our preferences.
Consumer preferences - is recognition of the benefits of some goods to other goods, that is, recognition of some goods better than others.
Consumer preferences are subjective. Also a subjective assessment of the usefulness and benefits of each selected. But the choice of the consumer is determined not only by his preferences, it is limited as the price of alte
ative products and income. As well as in the economy, the resources of the individual user are limited. Practically unlimited customer and limited resources make it necessary to select different combinations of benefits, that is, the need for consumer choice.
The purpose of the study of this topic is the theoretical rationale for the choice that makes the consumer, and prove the main laws that choice.
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