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Teaching speaking

курсовые работы, английский язык

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1. Teaching speaking skills
1.1 The characteristics of spoken language
1.2 Goals and techniques for teaching speaking
1.3 Strategies for developing speaking skills
1.4 Communicative competence
1.5 Mistakes and how to correct them

2. Speaking in teaching practice
2.1 Provide students with opportunities for practicing specific speaking skills
2.2 Teach students to adapt their speech to specific situation
2.3 Activities to promote speaking
2.4 Speaking activities for the classroom
2.5 Approbation (10 lesson plans)

A characteristic feature of the mode
school is the intensified process of the humanization of education, which is oriented toward the pupil's personality, which develops, first of all, in the progress of activity (work) and communication. That is why the objective of training pupils for proper communication in a foreign language, in English, stands at present at the first place.
Realization of such objective is considered to form pupils' speaking skills and communicative competence.
Speaking is a crucial part of second language lea
ing and teaching. Approaches to the teaching of speaking in ELT have been more strongly influenced by fads and fashions than the teaching of listening. “Speaking” in traditional methodologies usually meant repeating after the teacher, memorizing a dialog, or responding to drills, all of which reflect the sentence-based view of proficiency prevailing in the audiolingual and other drill-based or repetition based methodologies of the 1970s. The emergence of communicative language teaching in the 1980s led to changed views of syllabuses and methodology, which are continuing to shape approaches to teaching speaking skills today. Grammar based syllabuses were replaced by communicative ones built around notions, functions, skills, tasks, and other non-grammatical units of organization. Fluency became a goal for speaking courses and this could be developed through the use of information-gap and other tasks that required lea
ers to attempt real communication, despite limited proficiency in English. In so doing, lea
ers would develop communication strategies and engage in negotiation of meaning, both of which were considered essential to the development of oral skills.
Speaking is the mode of communication most often used to express opinions,
make arguments, offer explanations, transmit information, and make impressions
upon others. Students need to speak well in their personal lives, future
workplaces, social interactions,...

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