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Работа по экономике на английском

разное, Экономика

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Unemployment. In theory, it is the number of people who would work at the prevailing wage if they could find a job. In practice official definitions vary. [1, p. 402].
Interpretation of the nature of the unemployment in different macroeconomic models are different. Thus, representatives of the classical school thought that the reason for the existence of unemployment was a rejection workers to work for the proposed wage rate . And, the classical model of unemployment is voluntary. In mode
school of their followers - supporters of the neoclassical school – thought that unemployment is voluntary as well, and it includes in the frictional unemployment.
The criteria for acceptance the man as the unemployed is typically established by law or gove
ment documents and may varies slightly by country. But as a rule, there are few signs in all definitions . These are:
- Working age (16 - 55 years for women and 16 - 60 years for men) ;
- The lack of permanent source of income for some time (e. g., month );
- The desire to find a job (for example, a person could appeal to the employment service and visit some employers. [2, p. 25].

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