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История развития отелей

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1.The characteristic of the network of hotels "Hilton"
2. The story of the emergence of a network of hotels Hilton
3.Conrad Hilton as the founder of hotel chain "Hilton"
4.Problems of development of the network of hotels "Hilton"
The list of references
Hotel, hotel – Ecodom with fu
ished rooms ("rooms") for the temporary accommodation of travelers. Depending on the level of, there are additional services: restaurants, discos, casinos, swimming pools, etc. the Hotel is a property complex (building, part of a building, equipment or other assets) designed to provide services to customers.
The emergence and development of hotel industry is closely intertwined with the history of the development of society. The first guest of the enterprise - the prototype of mode
hotels, as well as the profession to service travellers, originated in the distant past - more than 2 thousand years BC in ancient Oriental civilization.
In the later era the Romans built special buildings reserved for travelling on public needs. These buildings, along main roads, can be considered the prototype Inns
A huge role in the appearance of a hospitality enterprise was played by the development of trade relations in the middle East, Asia, and Transcaucasia. On the territory of these regions held the largest trade route along which caravans with the product.
For the company of ove
ight travelers along trade routes created special locations – the caravan-Sarai (rooms for stay and leisure travelers), including, generally, areas for people and shelters for camels and horses.
All this was surrounded by a high wall, protected from the swirl of the storm, rain, to
ado, and also from robbers and thieves.
In the middle ages in the development of hospitality enterprises significantly influenced by religious traditions. During this period, a lot of people made pilgrimage to the Holy places and the resting place of the travellers sought first and foremost in monasteries and abbeys. The
Church obliged the monasteries to give shelter to the pilgrims, to feed and provide them shelter. Monasteries provide free services travelling hindered the development of private enterprises placement. However, the Inns were already and their number is growing,...
ational hotel chain Hilton Hotels Corporation has announced the release to market of a hotel chain under a new brand, Home2 Suites. New hotels will be aimed at young people and the middle class - it is expected that the average price of room will be in the range of $ 100 per day. On it informs Agency Reuters. The construction of the first hotels began in the second half of 2009.
Today, the network of Hilton Hotels Corporation has already received 10 bids for a franchise operator. The first 100 hotels Home2 Suites planned to open by the end of 2012. Annually thereafter a new hotel chain, will expand by 60-70 new hotels. The expected cost of construction per room is between 70 and 75 thousand dollars. According to the President of Hilton Christopher Nasety, in the current economic environment, developers must show interest in such offers from companies occupying a strong position in the market and owning prestigious brands. Hilton Hotels Corporation owned by approximately 2,800 hotels in more than 80 countries. The company operates under such brands as Hilton, Conrad, Doubletree by Hilton, Scandic and the Waldorf-Astoria Collection.
As an innovative hotel chain findings include the following points: first application of air conditioning in the rooms, automatic door locks and hotel reservations via the Inte
et. It should be noted that the chain "Hilton", is still gambling, it was he who first proposed to use the concept of the hotel-casino. The most famous casino hotels are: Las Vegas Hilton and Flamingo Hilton. The company focuses on business travellers, but at the same time owns and has in the management of tourist resorts and hotels. The Corporation established its first specialized kiosks of Souvenirs and gifts(retail chain "Hilton Country Store").For the first time all the rooms were equipped with such devices in common use today , as a telephone with direct dial mode ,multi-function programmable alarm clocks.
Thus we can say that it is, indeed,...

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