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Residential Housing Construction Market in Saint Petersburg.

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Introduction. 3
Investment climate in St.-Petersburg in the market of the real estate 4
Increase of a market. 5
Future Market Overview 7
Market Trends 9
Lack of Development Strategy 9
Cost inflation 10
Opportunities for U.S. Exporters and Investors 11
Conclusion. 12
Key words 14
The list of the used literature: 15
Rates of economic growth in Saint Petersburg last year are one of the highest in Europe. The increase in incomes of the population caused by it renders essential influence on continuation of rapid development of the market of the real estate in all its segments. By virtue of special profitableness of the given business is attractive for investors.
All changes in market are positive influence on development. Here it is possible to mention both the common political and economic stability, development of business, real growth of incomes of the population, increase of an investment rating of Russia, inflow of foreign investments, the high prices for export raw material, reduction in dollar exchange rate, and others.
There are some important geographical and social reasons. They include such processes, as development of the city as a whole, growth of its population, including, and due to inhabitants of regions, development of an infrastructure, improvement of consumer characteristics of new habitation, increase of the standard of living, etc.
Every year the potential demand for habitation in Petersburg is growing. Though the low ratio of amount of square meters for person continues to be kept in comparison with the advanced countries and high social requirement for expansion of a living space. Demand is caused by problems of poor quality of an available housing of times of the Soviet building, first of all five-floor buildings, and a lot of burgers prefer to move to better mode
habitation. Always there are a lot of inhabitants from the regions, who wish to stay in Saint Petersburg. Recently has appeared an important investment component of demand when you can buy an apartment with the purpose of an investment of savings of the income of tenancy.
The important factor of growth of the market is active development of the mortgage that also promotes growth of solvent demand due to the future incomes.
To estimate a degree of influence of the listed...
The list of the used literature:

1. The Inte
et magazine - DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE - BISNIS Representative in Northwest Russia July 2005
2. Resources of www.yahoo.com:

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