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Peculiarities of functioning of epithets in modern English works of art (on the basis of R. Bradbery)

курсовые работы, английский язык

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Год сдачи: 2007

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Introduction 3
Chapter I. Epithet - stylistic device. Types of epithets 6
1.1. Epithet is a stylistic device. 6
1.2.Types of epithets 11
Chapter II. Ray Bradbury and his epithets Ray Bradbury. 19
Conclusion 23
Bibliography 25
Problems of the communications, grammar and poetics of the text, problem of formation of sense and text technologies, functioning of an art word, stylistic devices (metaphors, метонимии, comparisons, an epithet), problems of style of the writer and were investigated by many linguists (F. I. Buslaev, A. G. Go
feld, A. A. Potebnja, A. N.Veselovsky, M.M. Bakhtin, B.M. Ejhenbaum, L.I.Timoth, V.M.Zhirmunsky, B.V. Tomashev, V.V. Vinogradov, N.D. Arutyunov, A.T. Rubajlo, T.G. Vinokur, V.P.Grigoriev, A.P. Evgeneva, I.A.Ste
in, L.I. Zubova. M.V. Fedorova, K.S. Gorbachevich, E.P. Hablo, A.G. Moskaleva, D.E. Rosental, V.P. Kovalev, V.K.Harchenko, E.T.Tcherkasov, S.M. Mezenin, E.A.Nekrasov, J.Lalevich, Century Изер, O.I.moskals, U.Eko, G.J.Solganik, V.G.Admoni and others).
One of the main trop is epithet which is coinside more often with definition-function of an adjective, genetic attributive which became a subject of the linguistic analysis in V.M.Brysinoj, E.A.Zemskoj, A.I.Kajdalovoj, G.M.Shipitsynoj, E.M.Volf's works, M.F.Lukina, N.A.Mironovoj, I.S.Toroptseva, I.A.Ustimenko and others.
In spite of the fact that there are many researches in this problematics, to a problem of epithet a few of them are devoted. Especially emotionally - estimated aspect of the adjectives forming an epithet is studied insufficiently. The question about the way emotive component enters into a lexical word meaning in linguistics is not solved. Emotional human life refracts in language and its semantics. In speech practically any word can become emotive: neutral words, being combined, with each other, can form emotive word-combinations and superphrase unities.
According to Prof. Galperin I.R., Epithet is a stylistic device based on the interplay of emotive and logical meaning in an attributive word, phrase or even sentence, used to characterise an object and pointing out to the reader and frequently imposing on him.
According to Prof. Sosnovskaya V.B., Epithet is an attributive...
The purpose of the work was - research of a linguistic nature of an epithet and its informative importance in fiction, from the point of view of structural, semantic and stylistic parameters.
Epithet is an adjective or adjective phrase appropriately qualifying a subject (noun) by naming a key or important characteristic of the subject, as in "laughing happiness," "sneering contempt," "untroubled sleep," "peaceful dawn," and "lifegiving water." Sometimes a metaphorical epithet will be good to use, as in "lazy road," "tired landscape," "smirking billboards," "anxious apple." Aptness and brilliant effectiveness are the key considerations in choosing epithets. Be fresh, seek striking images, pay attention to connotative value.
In work the epithet is considered as means transfering the individual, subjective - estimated attitude to the described phenomenon. Use of adjectives in this function is determined by their substantial and functional characteristics, namely the predicativity, to stylistic values inherent in them.
In the work the epithet is considered as the necessary component of the whole-text. We consider also metaphorical epithet, from the position of intentional and implicational components of meaning.
The analysis of the language material has shown the big variety of epithets from the point of view of their structural, semantic and stylistic characteristics.
Structural types of epithets are various. They can be expressed by nouns, adjectives, the whole word collocations in syntactic function, qualitative adverbs etc.
In work there are such types of epithets, as constant, explanatory, metaphorical, inverted, phrase and mixed are considered.
It was also interesting a metaphorical epithet which is bright means creating figurativeness of the art text and realization of conceptual sense.
4. The analysis once again confirms that the epithet is the basic means with the help of which figurativeness is created, and on the basis of it the individual -...

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