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Контрольная работа №4 по английскому

контрольные работы, английский язык

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Год сдачи: 2012

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Контрольная работа №4
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Задание 1. Прочитать и перевести текст.
A hotel is a complex operation. It includes places for people to sleep and eat and shop; there are often recreational facilities and areas for public gatherings. In fact, a hotel often can be considered as a small city within its own walls and grounds. Because of its complexity, it would be not possible to speak of a single career in the hotel industry; there is instead a wide variety of different careers. The top people in the hotel industry are managers. The majority of them hold management positions in individuals hotels, but some work in the executive offices of the hotel chains. If the principal function of management is to coordinate all the different activities that take place in a hotel, the managerial personnel must have a broad range of experience in the various departments of a hotel. On the way, however, they may have worked as food and beverage purchasing agents, cashiers, inspectors in the housekeeping department, and many other positions that contribute to their overall knowledge.
The executive staff of a hotel includes many people with special skills, experience, or professional training. The promotion staff, for example, must know not only the hotel field, but also advertising and public relations techniques.
The members of the engineering and maintenance staffs need education and experience in their specialties. The chefs and cooks, even though they are out of sight of the public, are important to the success of a hotel. We have noted that the food and beverage department in some hotels would bring in more income than room rentals. Most of the remaining workers in the hotel world can be classified as skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled. The carpenters and upholsterers in maintenance, the plumbers and electricians in engineering and the gardeners in the grounds department are among the workers usually classified as skilled.
Semi-skilled workers include waiters and...

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