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Вопросы по тексту (английский)

контрольные работы, английский язык

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Год сдачи: 2012

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I am no longer young but I still remember happy Saturday mo
ings I spent in the library when I was a child. In libraries I felt cheerful and peaceful. The library was my special world in which I loved everything — the smell of the books, the whispering voices of the refers and the librarians, the sound of tu
ing pages.
As I grew up, libraries became more and more work-place for me, at school and university. But there were other times when I went to the library just because I felt lonely or depressed. When I was alone in strange towns, I never failed to find the local library and enjoyed myself spending one or two hours there.
For me libraries have always been places of quietness and concentration, treasure-houses of wisdom, culture and information, the kingdom the printed word.
Our children need to lea
fr om babyhood to feel at home in libraries. At the same time they should look at them as very special places wh ere they can enter a new fascinating world.

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1) The reader loves and has always loved libraries.
2) The reader was first taken to the library by his/her parents.
3) The reader used libraries for his/her studies.
4) The atmosphere of the library never fails to make the reader feel more cheerful.
5) The Reader thinks that nowadays children don’t go to the library so often as they did before.
6) The reader believes that a library is the right place for children to go.

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