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контрольные работы, английский язык

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Год сдачи: 2012

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Вариант 3.
1. Complete thisconversation.
Louise Mr Velazquez, _______ _______ _______ you to Peter Brien. Peter, ______ _______ Mr Velazauez of Telefonica de Espana.
Mr Velazauez_______ _______ _______ _______?
Peter_______ _______ _______ _______?
Louise Peter works for our New York branch. He's ______ _______ inte
ational accounts.

2. Match the job title with the best definition on the right.
1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) a. Manager responsible for buying.
2. Information Systems Director b. Person who designs computer networks.
3. Purchasing Director c. BritishEnglish term for senior manager of a company.
4. Human Resources Director d. Manager responsible for the process of creating goods or services for sale to customers.
5. Systems Analyst e. American English term for the top manager of a company.
6. Managing Director f. Person responsible for setting up training opportunities for employees.
7. Marketing Director g. The person responsible for computer operations in a company.
8. Production Director h. Person responsible for managing product development, promotion, customer service, and selling.
9. Customer Service Manager i. Person responsible for markets in other countries.
10. Staff Development Officer j. Manager responsible for personnel issues.
11. Finance Director k. Person responsible for relationships with customers.
12. Exports Manager l. Person responsible for presentation and control of profit and loss.

3. Here is some information about Nokia, the Finnish telecommunications соmpany. Complete the sentences with the words below.
1. The ____________of Nokia is in Helsinki.
2. Europe is one of the company's major_______________ .
3. _______________in China are very high.
4. Ericsson is one of the main______________ .
5. They have ____________in ten different countries.
6. The company has more than 50,000___________in the world.
7. The Nokia 9100 is a very successful_________________ .
8. Nokia...

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