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Контрольная работа №4 по англ (МИНРО)

контрольные работы, английский язык

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Год сдачи: 2012

Стоимость: 300 руб.

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Контрольная работа № 4
1. Напишите сочинения на тему «My future profession»

2. Add the indicated words to the following sentence in the correct word order.
1. blue, large, very, the
He put …. book on the table. He put the very large blue book on the table.
2. wool, pretty, her, new, very
Mary wore ….. dress to the party.
3. new, an, historical, interesting
Mr. Smith read ….. novel last week.
4. two, those, small, first
……. Papers are mine.
5. good looking, his, velvet, new
John bough … suit at that store.
6. hot, some, good, very
We drank …. Custom of the cafeteria.
7. European, an, old, interesting
That is …. Custom of theirs.
8. pretty, colonial, new, that, little
We looked at … house on First Street.
9. comfortable, their, brown, old
They sold … chair yesterday.
10. beautiful, Italian, a new
Mr. Brown has … car now.
11. cold, delicious, some, very
We ate …. Fruit at lunch.
12. valuable, some, very, old, Roman
The museum owns ….. statues.
13. two, difficult, history, very
We are studying … books now.
14. old, lovely, Catholic, a
There is …. Church in the next block.
15. chilly, a, autumn, very
Yesterday was …. Day.
16. last, Edward’s, two
….. names are Garcia and Perez.
17. plastic, loose, the
…. Ring protects it.
18. summer, his, favorite
…. Sports is golf.
19. gold, delicate, new, a
She has …. Watch.
20. unusual, mode
, blond, much
There is ….. fu
iture in that room.

3. Rewrite the following sentences. Put the words or expressions in the correct order. Do not change, add or eliminate any words.
1. She - loses – at school – pens - often She often loses pens at school.
2. Tom – the show – liked – last night – very much
3. He – knows – now – very well – the irregular verbs
4. They – study – at home – their lessons – in the evening
5. The Browns – have – been – in Ecuador – never
6. That girl – in time – comes – always – to work
7. He – his pay check – spends quickly – usually
8. Dick – has – a question –...

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