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Контрольная работa №4-5 (Infinitive)

контрольные работы, английский язык

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Год сдачи: 2012

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Контрольная работa № 4

Вариант 1
1. Make up sentences to express your attitude towards someone's actions. Use suitable adjectives.
Model: You lent me the money. —> It was kind I nice I generous of you to lend
me the money.
He did not call her. — It's bad I inconsiderate of him not to lend
called her.
1. He sent me a birthday card and flowers.
2. He opened your letter.
3. He threw the ticket away.
4. He donated a lot of money to the orphans' asylum.
5. She didn't call and say she'd be late.
6. He didn't take their threats seriously.
7. Jack came to the resort without booking a room in advance.
2. Translate into English using of-phrases with the infinitive.
1. Он поступил великодушно, простив ее.
2. Неразумно, что он принял это приглашение.
3. Было некрасиво с вашей стороны не ответить на (проигнорировать) ее
4. Он никогда не занимает денег, это характерно для него.
5. Так глупо, что я забыл дома бумажник.
3. Use the right form of the infinitive.
1. Detective Morrison knocked on the door of Mrs White's house. When she
opened the door he said: "I'm sorry (disturb) you but I have to ask you
several questions." In two hours the detective left the house saying: "I'm
sorry (disturb) you."
2. Sarah pretended (enjoy) herself although she felt like crying.
3. We didn't expect (treat) like royalty.
4. They were fortunate (rescue) from the fire before the building collapsed.
5. Small children are eager (ask) questions and they always demand (answer).
6. The little boy was proud (skate) for so long without falling down.
7. When walking around Rome, he felt extremely excited (walk) the streets of
the city he had read so much about.
8. Ann was doubtful that she would be admitted to university, so she was de¬
lighted (award) a place.

Контрольная работа № 5
Вариант 1
1. Translate into Russian paying attention to the infinitival construction (nominative with infinitive):
• But he took...

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