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Контрольная №1 (The Subjunctive Mood)

контрольные работы, английский язык

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Год сдачи: 2012

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Контрольная работа № 1
(The Subjunctive Mood)

Вариант № 1.

I. Translate into Russian:
1. We insist that he informs us of the exact date on which the goods will be delivered.
2. The buyers suggested that the suppliers forward the goods immediately.
3. We insist that in future you do not make any alterations in our specifications on your own initiative.
4. We are not responsible for the loss and suggest that your take up the matter with the Railway Company. We should of course place at your disposal any documents necessary to substantiate your claim.
5. It is highly desirable that the form and method of payment be clearly specified in the offer.
6. The experts recommended that the agreement be extended for 3 years.
7. It is necessary that the arbitrator have an exact knowledge of all the facts of the case.

II. Complete the sentences making the right choice:
1. The weather is changing. I have to insist that we…
A. got moving B. would get moving C. get moving D. will get moving
2. If I hadn’t known any English I … to Britain last autumn.
A. would go B. wouldn’t go C. would have gone D. wouldn’t have gone
3. If Jane … in Switzerland she might do a lot of skiing.
A. was B. were C. is D. will be
4. If you … in 1910, how old would you … today?
a) A. were bo
B. are bo
C. had been bo
D. would be bo

b) A. be B. have been C. been D. to be
5. I wish I … a bird.
A. were B. am C. was D. had been
6. Jack spoke as if indeed he … an actor.
A. was B. had been C. were D. is
7. … he been standing in his true height he would have been a head taller than Dave.
A. ___ B. did C. would D. had
8.” I just happened to be here,” he said as if an explanation … required.
A. were B. was C. would be D. be
9. I’m really glad you told me your birthday was soon. It … a pity for none of us to know.
A. had been B. would have been C. would be D. is

III. Translate into English:
1. Ты бы расстроился, если бы я не пришел? 2. Будь он осторожнее, он бы не упал. 3....

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