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Английский (ГУАП)

контрольные работы, английский язык

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Год сдачи: 2012

Стоимость: 600 руб.

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Задание 2
Поставьте глагол-сказуемое в следующих предложениях в страдательном залоге, стараясь сохранить время.
1. ? killed thirty people and ? injured (травмировать, получать увечье) 65 in that terrible accident.
2. ? hid the treasure in a place which no one could 55 find.
3. ? can’t lea
a foreign language in a few days.
4. The dog was mad and ? had to shoot it.

Задание 3
Из данных слов постройте предложения. Глаголы в скобках поставьте в нужной форме страдательного залога.
1. a few students – was (to do) – this exercise – correctly.
2. this book – a very young author – was (to write).
3. is being (to make) – his new suit – a first-class tailor.
4. the sun rays – is (to give) – to us – heat.
5. alone – often – was (to leave) – the child – home.

Задание 4
Трансформируйте предложения в активный залог, используя слова they, we, somebody в качестве подлежащего, где это необходимо.
1. Harry wasn’t punished at all. 2. The problem will be dealt with in the next chapter. 3. They knew that the reason had been explained to us. 5. Today plastics are being widely used instead of metals.

Задание 6
Трансформируйте следующие предложения в придаточные дополнительные, начав с фраз I knew, I thought, He said. Измените время глаголов-сказуемых в придаточных дополнительных в соответствии с правилами согласования времен. Произведите другие необходимые преобразования.
1. My foreign friends are going to send me an invitation for visiting Paris.
2. We can simplify this question. But there is no need for doing this.
3. A calculator is just any other electronic system, except that it uses digital electronics instead of analog electronics.
4. Everybody is going to attend the scientific conference, which is to be held in our city in May.
5. The TV program does not seem interesting and viewers cannot expect any positive changes in it.
6. He does not have to take a bus – he lives near the University.
7. The experiment 56 has already been conducted, and...

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