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Английский, вариант 2 (РГУТиС)

контрольные работы, английский язык

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Год сдачи: 2012

Стоимость: 400 руб.

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Variant 2
1. Complete the sentences with the suitable form of the verb in brackets. Translate into Russian:
1. William Colgate … (find) the Colgate Company in 1806 as a starch, soap and candle business in New York City.
2. I … (write) to apply for the position which was advertised last week.
3. In 1920s, Philips … (decide) to protect its innovation.
4. The personal manager … (think) that we all … (benefit) fr om training in how to use the office software.
5. Every two weeks they … (receive) an independent evaluation of how their business … (perform).
6. The manager who … (make) this mistake (lost) his job.
7. The agreement which we … (sign), … (give) us exclusive rights to several products.
8. If you … (want) to get a room in a hotel in Sochi in summer you … (reserve) the accommodation in advanced.
9. It’s difficult to foresee what … (happen) in the future.
10. He … (believe) that using the Inte
et … (help) him to reduce the company cost.

2. Complete the following sentences with a suitable form of the verbs in brackets. Translate the sentences into Russian:
1. The restaurant … (change) since the Steins … (buy) it.
2. The economy … (grow) more complex over the last century.
3. Personal incomes … (increase) substantially since 2001.
4. The population of the world … (increase).
5. The Marketing Department … (be) the one which contribution … (be) the most significant this year.
6. Australia … (transform) itself to an inte
ationally competitive, expert-oriented country.
7. In recent years consumers … (voice) conce
s about product safety.
8. The US economy … (change) in other ways as well.
9. The population and labour force … (move) fr om farms to cities.
10. Russia … also (improve) its inte
ational financial standing since the 1998 financial crisis.

3. Complete the sentences using the correct passive forms. Then translate the sentences into Russian:
1. The pumps … (test) at our plant and the documents … (send) in due time.
2. Russia’s...

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