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Английский язык, вариант 2 (ЮСИЭПИ)

контрольные работы, английский язык

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Год сдачи: 2012

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Вариант 2
Задание 1. Find and correct the mistakes:
1. It has rained since mo
ing and I am afraid, it won’t stop by Saturday.
2. Tomorrow at this time you will cross the English Channel.
3. When I came, my friends was sitting on the sofa and was looking through some catalogues.
4. After graduating fr om the university I came to St.Petersburg. I am working here since then.
5. Yesterday when I came to see my friend, he was having supper. He has just come home.

Задание 2. Choose the correct predicate.
1. It is the best book I ______ lately. (have read, read, had read)
2. Next spring she ______ her final exams. (takes, has taken, is taking)
3. Jack ______ a letter to his family when his pen broke. (wrote, has been writing, was writing)
4. By the end of the working day they ______ talks. (had completed, were completed, completed)
5. I’ll ring you up as soon as I ______ tickets for a new film. (will get, get, have got)

Задание 3. Open the brackets using the correct form of the verb.
1. Before he (to enter) the institute, he (to work) at a plant.
2. We (to walk) for about two hours when at last we saw the lake.
3. You (to read) that book yet? – No, I only just (to begin).
4. They are busy now. They (to discuss) an important matter. They (to discuss) it for three hours.
5. The train couldn’t stop because it (to travel) too fast at the time.
6. When the delegation (to arrive) in Moscow? - It (to arrive) yesterday.
7. Tomorrow at 10 a.m. we (to receive) French businessmen.

Задание 4. Translate into English.
1. Вчера я купил часы, т.к. потерял свои старые.
2. Мы знаем друг друга с тех пор, как я приехал в этот город.
3. Она будет обедать после того, как распакует свои вещи.
4. Когда я пришел в офис, секретарь как раз печатала письма, которые я ей дал накануне.
5. Они уже два года изучали английский язык, когда начали изучать китайский.
6. Не приходите завтра: он будет занят. Он будет работать весь день завтра.
7. Анна берет уроки музыки с...

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