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Business organizations
Business organizations belong to either the private or the public sector. The private sector consists of companies belonging to private individuals, and the public sector of companies owned by the gove
ment of the country.
There are various types of business organization which operate in the private sector:
A business run by a sole trader has just one owner, who is entirely responsible for all the company's business affairs. This type of organization has certain advantages and disadvantages.
A business run by a partnership has two or more owners. When entering into a partnership, an agreement is drawn up defining the rights, responsibilities and liabilities of each partner, such as how the profits are to be distributed and what part each partner is to play in managing the company. The partners may be active, meaning that they are actively involved in the company's business; or sleeping, which means they invest money in the company and receive a share of the profits, but do not conce
themselves with the company's business affairs.
There are two types of partnership:
• General or ordinary partnership, where all partners have unlimited liability.
• Limited or special partnership, consisting of at least one general partner with unlimited liability and at least one limited partner whose liability is limited to the capital he has invested. The limited partners do not run the risk of losing their personal property if the company goes bankrupt, but neither do they have any say in how the business is run.
Fr om a legal point of view, a joint-stock company counts as a separate person, which means that its shareholder (owners) and directors (the people chosen by the shareholders to run the company) only have limited liability. The shareholders each receive one dividend (part of the profit) per share. There are two types of joint-stock company:
(a) Public limited company (plc)
The capital for this type of...

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