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Английский (контрольная)

контрольные работы, английский язык

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Год сдачи: 2012

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1. Choose the right tense:
1.1. Present Perfect Simple or Continuous? Put a tick next to the right form
and a cross next to the wrong one.
1. Sorry! I’ve broken one of your glasses.
Sorry! I’ve been breaking one of your glasses.
2. Nina is tired because she’s shopped all day.
Nina is tired because she’s been shopping all day.
3. I’ve cut my finger.
I‘ve been cutting my finger.

1.2. Combine two sentences. Change one verb form into the Past Perfect:
1. He had a bath. He went to bed. (after)
2. I read the letter. I threw it away. (when)
3. Ann didn’t go to bed. She did her homework. (until)
4. Jack passed his driving test. He bought a car. (as soon as)

13. Past Perfect Simple or Continuous . Underline (put in italics) the correct
verb form:
1. Nick excelled himself as a cook. He had cooked / had been cooking
a wonderful dinner.
2. Nick was very cross. He had worked / had been working in the
kitchen, and no-one had offered to help.

1.4. Put the verbs into the Present Simple, the Future Simple, Future Conti-
1. If he (to come) I (to give) him this message.
2. He (to wait) until they (to send) for him.
3. I (to be) glad when I (to have) this book.
4. They (not / to know) when she (to come) back.

2. Choose the right answer:
Some time ago John gave me a picture of yours. You were young like
you _____a) . The picture was old and _____b), but I used to look at it quite often. It was lost when the _____c) attacked the Production Centre. I always could see it when I closed my eyes before _____d) you _____ e) flesh. I hoped that the day _____f) and we’d meet. When I _____g) John needed a _____h) to go to the past, I offered my service.

3. Complete the sentences with the correct form of have or have got. There are questions, negatives, positives, and various tenses.
1. How was the party last night? … you … a good time?
2. “What time ….. she usually …. lunch?” - “About 12”
3. Nick! Can I …. a word with you for a moment?...

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