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Английский (II семестр)

контрольные работы, английский язык

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Год сдачи: 2012

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Задание 1.Выберите правильную форму глагола.
1. No city has cables ___________ directly.
a. lay
b. are laying
c. laid
2. Computers ___________ to perform series of mathematical operations.
a. are used
b. are using
c. have used
3. ___________ power losses, thick wires should be used.
a. Reducing
b. To reduce
c. Having reduced
4. For information ___________, it must be attached to a radio – frequency carrier wave.
a. to be transmitted
b. will be transmitted
c. transmitted
5. Various installations ___________ to transform electric power into mechanical and heat power.
a. have been used
b. are using
c. are being used
6. The experiment ___________ to be continued .
a. reports
b. is reporting
c. is reported
7. A computer ___________ to possess four main parts.
a. has been known
b. is known
c. knows
8. The atmosphere ___________ to extend several hundred kilometers above the Earth.
a. proves
b. has been proved
c. is proved
9. Transistor batteries ___________ to be used in systems that have to operate on weak signals, for example, in ultra-long-distance space communications.
a. expected
b. have been expected
c. were expected
10. Materials ___________ very high resistance are called insulators.
a. having
b. have
c. are having
11. A cable conduit is an arrangement ___________ in the ground.
a. building
b. is built
c. built
12. ___________ calculations, a computer displays results.
a. Having performed
b. Performed
c. Performing
13. A faulty cable ___________ between two manholes is to be replaced.
a. having run
b. running
c. runs
14. ___________ under different conditions, the devices were put to use.
a. having been tested
b. testing
c. tested
15. The device ___________ faulty, one cannot rely on its readings.
a. is
b. being
c. to be
16. RAM stands for Random Access Memory, information ___________ into and out of any single byte of memory.
a. being transferred
b. transferred
c. have transferred
17. Other...

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