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Английский, вариант 8

контрольные работы, английский язык

Объем работы:

Год сдачи: 2012

Стоимость: 200 руб.

Просмотров: 328


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1. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в нужном времени. Переведите рассказ на русский язык.
A young housewife (to be) Very fond of window-shopping; When her husband (to leave) for his office she (to run) to the neighboring department store, and (to visit) every department of it, but (to take) care not to spend a single penny.
One day the salesman of a department (to ask) her: “You (to shop) here, madam?” “Certainly, I (to do),” the young woman (to answer) angrily. “What else you (to think) I (to do) here?” “Well, madam, I (to think) you (to take) an inventory.”

2. Вставьте где необходимо в пропуски артикли. Переведите предложения.
1. I can see ... pencil on your ... table, but I can see no ... paper.
2. Is this ... watch? - No, it isn’t... watch, it’s ... pen.
3. I have two ... sisters and ... brother. My ... sisters are ... students. They are at... home.
4. It is very dark in ... room. Tu
on ... light, please.
5. We have ... dog. ... dog is very clever. My ... sister’s ... friend has no
... dog.

3. Поставьте вопросы к выделенным словам, употребляя вопросительные слова, данные в скобках.
1. I usually have a sandwich and tea for breakfast. (What?)
2. He buys his clothes in a big shop. (Where?)
3. Yesterday at this time I was reading a very interesting book. (When?)
4. The vase was broken yesterday by Pete. (By whom?)
5. My mother is at work now. (Who?)
6. Ann goes to college every day. (How often?)

4. Образуйте степени сравнения от следующих прилагательных.
good, big, nice, beautiful, difficult, happy, sad, far, old

5. Переделайте следующие предложения из активного в пассивный залог. Переведите новые предложения.
1. Tom gave Nick a book for his birthday.
2. Lydia will show you a new book of pictures.
3. Ivan Susanin led the Poles into the thickest part of the forest.
4. We shall do the translation in the evening.
5. My father sent for the doctor yesterday.

6. Переведите следующий текст на русский язык.

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*- если автор дал согласие и выложил это описание.

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