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Английский язык (базовый), вариант 3 (25 заданий по 5 тестовых вопросов)

контрольные работы, английский язык

Объем работы: 19 стр.

Год сдачи: 2013

Стоимость: 100 руб.

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Задание 1
Как вы ответите:
Вопрос 1. Please remember me to your family.
1. Hello! Glad to meet you.
2. Thank you. I'll do that.
3. It's quite all right.
4. How do you do?
5. Not at all.
Вопрос 2. Sorry to interrupt you, but
1. It was a pleasure.
2. Don't mention it.
3. Thank you, I will.
4. Quite well, thank you.
5. Thanks, I certainly well.
Вопрос 3. How do you do?
1. My name is Andrew
2. Have a good time
3. How do you do?
4. See you soon.
5. Hello, nice to meet you.
Вопрос 4. Could you help me with the suitcase?
1. Thank you , I will.
2. Yes, of course.
3. Мany thanks.
4. I'm sorry. I'm late.
5. Doesn't matter much.
Вопрос 5. May I use the phone?
1. I'm afraid I must be going.
2. Thank you for your help.
3. Please, you may.
4. I'm sorry to have kept your waiting
5. Pleased to meet you.

Задание 2.
Вопрос 1. Выделенному слову соответствует пять определений.
1. person who goes round looking for opportunities to commit a crime.
2. unemployed builder
3. person who has recently been let out of prison.
4. person whose marriage is in trouble
5. person who likes to walk
Вопрос 2. Выделенным словам соответствует пять определений.
royal fanatic
1. crazy member of the royal family
2. very strange person
3. person who is very interested in the royal family
4. person who hates the royal family
5. person who hates other people
Вопрос 3. Выделенным словам соответствует пять определений.
domestic problems
1. trouble with his house
2. trouble with his family
3. trouble with his servants
4. trouble with his health
5. trouble with his neighbors.
Вопрос 4. Выделенному слову соответствует пять определений.
1. happy, enjoyable.
2. stupid.
3. evening.
4. illegal, against the law.
5. clever
Вопрос 5. Выделенному выражению соответствует пять определений.
He would not hurt a fly
1. He likes animals
2. He is kind and gentle
3. He is not very strong
4. He is not very intelligent
5. He is dull-looking...

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