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Английский язык. Задания.

контрольные работы, английский язык

Объем работы: 8 стр.

Год сдачи: 2013

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Задание 1. Распределите предложения с инфинитивными конструкциями в две группы:
a) Complex Subject;
b) Complex Object:
Задание 2. Переведите предложения с Абсолютным причастным оборотом.
1. Such commercial economies represent real gain, prices being reduced through better use of resources.
2. They raised money at lower cost, shares being readily sold on the Stock Exchange.
3. The region is developing successfully, rates of domestic savings and investment growing significantly.
4. The prices changing slightly on the metal exchanging, the company is suffering heavy losses.
Задание З. Определите какая Ing-форма употреблена в предложениях (Participle I, Gerund, Verbal noun). Предложения переведите.
1. Advertising is the act of making a product, a service, a job vacancy publicly known. (Gerund).
2. Companies with strong advertisement departments often resort to the services of advertising agencies. (Verbal noun).
3. The appeal in advertising presupposes the forming of the idea, choice of forms of implementation. (Participle I)
4. Classified advertisements are short advertisements in a newspapers or a magazine offering or asking for a product or service.
5. The initial share capital is formed by way of selling shares. (Verbal noun).
Задание 4. Переведите предложения, обращая внимание на сложные формы причастия:
1. Though having started rather late they arrived at the appointed place in time.
2. If being told what to do they will certainly try to help the customer.
3. Being very ill, the manager could not go to the Board meeting.
4. While being examined the agreement was corrected several times.
Задание 5. Переведите условные предложения.
1. They wish to know if the lower rates will help the dollar.
2. Your company would be well now if you had consulted the lawyer in time.
3. Just think, if I had bought those securities I should be a rich man.
4. The president wouldn't be angry with the secretary if she had answered his questions properly....

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