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контрольные работы, английский язык

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Год сдачи: 2013

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Careers in finance require extensive, highly specialized knowledge, a thorough training in accounting, economics, money and banking, strategic planning, investments, inte
ational finance and a number of related areas and our institute offers such training.
The field of finance is generally subdivided into three parts: financial markets and institutions, financial management, and investments.
Positions in financial institutions and markets can include everything from a bank teller to senior banking specialists. Bank tellers must be friendly with customers, accurate with all their transactions and know about the other departments of the bank and the services they sell. Bank loan officers make initial contacts with potential new customers and assist them in filling loan requests and in developing a service relationship with the bank. Branch managers lead each branch’s effort to attract new accounts. Branch managers must know how to manage and motivate employees and how to represent the bank well in the local community.
Financial management is conce
ed with how firms acquire and allocate funds and how these funds are spent.
Generally it is the investment area that attracts people to finance.

2. Выпишите предложения с модальными глаголами и переведите их.
Упр.2 Определите время и залог выделенных глаголов в следующих предложениях.(например:1.has been done-Present Perfect,Passive) Переведите предложения

1. The rate of unemployment was decreased by 0,3 % last year.
2. After we had listened to the chairman we made a decision about that contract.
3. If we don’t get some orders soon, we will have to make some of our workers redundant.
4. Her work was beginning to suffer because of family problems.
5. Some unemployment is regarded as normal.
6. Many countries such as Nigeria and India are trying to get more control over their economies.

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