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Английский язык, вариант 3

контрольные работы, иностранные языки

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Вопрос 1.
Read the article in detail and answer the questions which follow:
‘Youth's behaviour with pellet pistol 'stupid, dangerous and outrageous'.
Shooting a pellet gun at an 11-year-old boy on a bike is a "stupid, dangerous and outrageous to behave", Judge Anthony Palmer scolded a Col wood-area teenager in Weste
Communities Courthouse April 29. "I don't know if you've seen too many movies or not," he continued, "but anything involving a handgun is completely reprehensible",
The 17-year-old boy was ordered to serve a six-month period of probation, 25 hours of community works and to apologize in person to his victim. He was also ordered not to possess weapons, ammunition or explosives for five years. Crown counsel Bruce Filan told the court the young cyclist was riding on Atkins Road Dec.22, 1991, and noticed three young males sitting in a car. As he passed, he said "hi" to the group and continued on his way. Then he heard a loud "ping" coming from the direction of the vehicle, tu
ed around and saw one of the boys aiming a gun in his direction and heard two more "pings". Filan described the boy as "very frightened," especially when the car started up and drove towards him. Not very far from home, he raced to tell his father what had happened. The father then pursued the teenagers in his car; forcing them to stop and answer questions.
According to man, police later determined the accused teenager was the only one with a weapon - an air pistol that still had pellets in its chamber when recovered by police at the boy's residence. The young victim was very upset by the ordeal and is receiving counseling, Filan added.
Defence counsel Dianne McDonald said her client was not aiming the pistol at the younger boy and had no intention of harming him. Only two shots were fired, she insisted. When her client realized his actions had scared the boy he tried to apologize but was told not to contact the victim, she added.
She also explained the teenagers were not...

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