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Koguryo kingdom

рефераты, английский язык

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Koguryo, in the fifth and sixth centuries, was one of the four great powers in East Asia, along with Yuyen, a nomadic empire; Northe
Wei, a state set up by the Seonbi tribe in the Huang River basin, and Song, a state established by Han China in the Yangtze River basin. Unlike Northe
Wei and Song, which were persistently buffeted by wars and other disturbances, Koguryo was able to nurture a high quality culture, while enjoying peace. Indeed, Koguryo culture exercised a significant impact on Baekje, Silla, and Japan.
Koguryo was an ancient Korean empire whose brilliant history flourished on a vast expanse of land in East Asia.
Koguryo thrived for 705 years from 37 B.C., when it was founded to A.D. 668, when it collapsed, and its historical achievements were the source of enormous pride to its descendants. Like most nations from that time, Koguryo started out from a modest beginning at the Zolbon area in the Yalu River valley.
Actually, the history of China is within the boundary of "Great Wall." The first Qin Emperor constructed the Wall on the Qin (Chinese) border. Beyond that were a lot of neighboring countries including Tungus, Turkish, Mongolian, and Mohammedan countries, and Joseon (Korea) with different culture and language.

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