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The New York City Police

1. The New York City Police is the outstanding law enforcement organization in the United States of America. Its history goes back to the time when the city was under the control of the Dutch. 1845 became the date which marked the commencement of a police force- the forerunner of the present organization. In that year the policemen of the New York police got eight-pointed star badges of copper and the first Chief of Police was appointed.

2. In the nineteenth century a board of five police commissioners, who were civil administrators, controlled the activities of the New York City Police. The most famous of them was Theodore Roosevelt, who later became President of the United States.
3. Now only one police commissioner heads the New York City Police. He is a civilian. The Mayor of New York appoints him. But the City Charter states that the appointment of the police commissioner does not take place at the same time as the elections of the Mayor.
4. The Chief of the New York City Police has some deputies. The first commissioner’s deputy acts as an adviser on the matters of policy and also acts for the commissioner during his absence or illness. Five additional deputies control various important auxiliary departments: legal, licensing, public relations, administration and youth services.
5. The Police of New York City is divided into a number of divisions: the Uniform or Patrol Division, the Safety Division, the Detective Division, Communications and Records and so on. The Detective Division consists of over three thousand detectives. It is a highly efficient organization. The members of the division are under the command of a Chief of Detectives. The detectives’ duties are to investigate crimes.
6. The traffic problem in New York is one of the most urgent problems. That is why the Safety Division of the New York City Police is the largest uniformed command in the Force. This division includes an Intoxicated Drivers Testing Unit...

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